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The Chenin Grape

You most probably have never heard of the Chenin Blanc grape. Surely Chardonnay and Sauvignon but not Chenin. And there’s the rub ‘cos you are missing out on the next big thing in white wine. CHENIN.  Now to drink Chenin you need to be buying your wine from the central Loire Valley in France because it’s the only real place where the grape is grown to make white wine and wow what a delicious wine it makes. The thing is it can be made into a wine for all palettes whatever your taste. So if you are a dry crisp wine fan then this is the wine for you. Likewise if you prefer an off dry tender wine then again the chenin will give you your fix.  Then if its a medium you hanker for no problem its available. It can even produce the most sublime sweet wines. Yes I know nobody likes sweet wines but what I can tell you is that when we have our guests in France for an evening soiree and we give them a sweet with their dessert  they go loopy. Well there we are. Robert today has ordered some to take back to the UK. Its also a great aperitif. Drink it cold. And finally Chenin makes the most fruity sparkling wine here in the Loire Valley. Forget £30 bottles of bland champagne. This stuff is cheaper and so much better. Full of zing and flavour.

So how do you grab your white wine made from the chenin grape. Easy just log onto and select the white wines on offer. We provide details of the wine styles so you can select your particular style.  All our white wines are made from the chenin grape. IT’S THE NEXT THING TO ROCK AND ROLL. You need to be ahead of the game.

If you would like to learn more or arrange a tasting for you and your friends email simon at

The quickie

Past experience has taught me that a quickie is great but not the best. Today a quick run to Domaine de Saugourde allowed us to venture into Francois’s wineroom to sample a great simple but effective sweet wine from the Coteaux du Layon appellation. This appellation is the  all encompassing sweet AOC of the Anjou region. It has in its repertoire a complete range of sweets from just so to very very sweet and it all depends on the level of Noble Rot bacteria that attacks the grape in the Autumn. More about this again but Francois produces a simple ‘take me as you find me’ Layon which sits so well with a light dessert. Like tonight with our six guests over dinner the wine complemented the creme brulee brilliantly. Karin’s tart freshly picked blackcurrants and the sweet custard  with the caramelised  topping was so well balanced. All loved the pairing. Thanks Karin and Francois. Its available from Grainger Fine Wines at a decent price so why not try some now. Your Health.

You need sweet music to make the perfect wine !

Have you heard this one? Playing waltzes and polkas to your wines makes them fruitier- or so certain Austrian wine producers say! Playing music to fermenting grape juice results in better tasting wine, they contend.

According to the Daily Mail, Markus Bachman, a former French horn player, has created a tiny speaker that can be inserted directly into liquid and plays a mixture of classical, jazz and electronic tunes. Apparently, the soundwaves make yeast cells move around so they absorb more sugar during the maturing process. An eminent Austrian physicist has dismissed the claims as "rubbish" and added that fungi don't have opinions and wouldn't care what type of music is played to them.

Maybe they should try playing some hard rock or heavy metal music, that would really stir things up wouldn't it? K

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