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A wine tasting event

So sorry but been so busy that the  blog has lapsed but do not fear it is back with a vengance and will happen much more frequently.

Thursday saw a sortie to Domaine de l’Enchantoir with some guests of note but not to be revealed. So you have to guess? We had a great hour discussing wine making with Pierre as everyone who follows the blog will know as our demon winemaker with so many awards to his name in such a short time its amazing. The favourites were Saumur Blanc 2009; such a popular wine and on offer at the moment so grab it before it goes, Saumur Puy Notre Dame 2009; what can we say except we are going to grab more stock before it goes, and the oaked red Clos de Chavannes. A great tasting. Pierre and his wife Brigitte had supper with us all thereafter. Guess what we had ‘Gite Pie’!

Enchantoir wines

We had a really thorough tasting of the 2010 vintage. Saumur Blanc, Saumur Rouge and Saumur Puy Notre Dame from the vats, and Cuvee Madelaine and Clos de Chavannes both 2009 which have been in oak barrels since vinification and storage when the wines were transferred in 2010. Pierre Van Den Boom continues to taste the wine regularly and will decide when the wine is right for bottling. It could be this year around September or next year. We will report on the tasting on the next blog. Keep your eyes peeled for the tasting report. 2010 is definitely as good as 2009 and maybe better. The wines a velvety smooth and certainly in advance of their progress in 2009. Its exciting stuff and we can report further accolades which means we will be struggling to get hold of enough wines. Get the orders in.

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