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Chateau de Chaintres

Just a quick visit today to see the progress of the vines in the picturesque clos of Chaintres.

Richard Desouches is currently galavanting in Australia selling his wines to them down under. We wish him well and look forward to a safe return so that we can discuss and taste the new 2010 vintages at the chateau. On his return we will review the wines. Watch this space.

Chateau plastic wines

Just read an article in Saturday’s Telegraph about ‘the march of the plastic bottles’ in wine making. We all know plastic bottles are not as good as glass for preserving drink.                                                                                                                                First, plastic is porous – glass isn’t. Second, plastic leaks out  harmful chemicals into the wine – glass doesn’t do that.

Unless you want to buy lower grade – wines really cheap and drink them immediately please think twice before you buy ‘le vin plastique’. Certainly if you want to keep your wine for a couple of years or even longer plastic bottles are just not suitable. K