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Sparkling Wine

A big subject. Yes yes yes. Champagne is just about marketing. It doesn’t say anything about quality or provenance. And the method is the same. ie Methode Traditionelle. It says the name only and nothing else. France has an enormous range of sparkling wines and guess what champagne is just another sparkling area with a difficulty in meeting the demand from the gullible public who think champagne is top dog. Its definitely not. So watch out for champagne that might not be from champagne in terms of the grapes nor could it be real. There are plenty of forgeries about.

The sensible way is surely a sparkling wine of more substance that you can really taste with a provenance from a real passionate wine maker who grows his own grapes, makes the wine himself and bottles it at the domaine AND at a price that is less than half that of champagne. That makes sense in anybody’s book. So go to our website  and select one of our brilliant sparklers. Sante. YOU KNOW THE DIFFERENCE NOW.

Chateau plastic wines

Just read an article in Saturday’s Telegraph about ‘the march of the plastic bottles’ in wine making. We all know plastic bottles are not as good as glass for preserving drink.                                                                                                                                First, plastic is porous – glass isn’t. Second, plastic leaks out  harmful chemicals into the wine – glass doesn’t do that.

Unless you want to buy lower grade – wines really cheap and drink them immediately please think twice before you buy ‘le vin plastique’. Certainly if you want to keep your wine for a couple of years or even longer plastic bottles are just not suitable. K

The corks will be popping at Luella’s Boudoir tomorrow.

Have had a busy week preparing for our three wine tasting events. A 2 day event starting tomorrow at One Marylebone, London with Luella’s Boudoir Wedding Fair. I’ve lost count of the number of bottles Ben and Simon are taking. Between 400-500 guests are expected and we’ll be popping a lot of corks.  We are serving a red sparkling “le Cerisier” from Chateau de Brossay, Anjou, Loire Valley. There is no refrigeration, nor any ice-making facilities at the venue and so my fridge is bursting with bubbly this evening –  mmm!? K

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