A family run company committed to enhancing our client’s own individual aspirations for fine wine. People who wish to discover more about the wine they purchase. A bottle is not just a bottle it is an individual story of the vineyard and the maker.

We are wine and spirit importers and merchants and we sell only natural wines made by a small number of our selected boutique wine producers in the Loire Valley of France.


We have a wide range of wines in our wine list:

□  Aromatic fruity dry and medium white still wines

□  Fresh and fruity rosé still wines

□  Light, medium and full bodied smooth red still wines

□  Soft to rich sweet still wines

□  The full monty of white, rosé, and red full flavoured sparkling wines


This presentation provides you with details of each of our Domaines and the wines they produce. There is a description of each wine with details of the grape varieties with tasting notes and ideas on food pairing. If you would like further information on any of the wines please ask as we can provide more details as well as a full technical specification. The pricing and quantities of the wines are set out for you thereafter for each Domaine.


We work closely with our winemakers to develop the natural and sustainable methods in the vineyards and in the wine rooms so that the wines we sell have a known provenance through the control of the all aspects of the process of making wine from the farming practices in the vineyard to the vinification of the grapes and finally to the bottling of the finished wine at the domaine. At no stage do we loose that control so we are able to guarantee the contents of our wines.


Our wines are produced just across the channel and travel 350 miles to get to the UK. Our Carbon Footprint is small compared to wines from other overseas countries that travel thousands of miles to get here.


Our natural wines are made from grapes free from any pesticides, insecticides and harmful chemicals. Our winemakers use methods of making the wines that ensure all the healthy benefits within the wine are maximised. They are full of the polyphenols that are good for the heart and Resveratrol  which is good at fighting cancers.


The vineyards are farmed so that they are in keeping with the natural environment maintaining a friendly balance in the cycle of life with flora and fauna allowed to grow naturally in the vineyards.


New World wines in contrast may be all the rage but the methods used to kill insects through pesticides, and diseases through herbicides in vast commercial enterprises and the lack of hands on control leaves the wines produced at the mercy of inherent problems in the finished wines.


Our wines are produced just across the channel and travel some 350 miles to reach us in the UK. By contrast the New World wines travel upwards of 12,000 miles and most of this is carried in bulk tanks to be bottled in UK. This requires additional sulphite added to the wine to prevent it from oxidizing. Our Carbon Footprint is a whole lot less and our wines are bottled by the winemakers themselves at the domaine.





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Château La Tour de By
Commented:  May 21, 2015 at 12:51 pm()

Dear Grainger,

We wanted to thank you very much for your article about our château, we feel honored to be mentioned in your blog.
Please note that our Rosé was made from Cabernet Sauvignon though :.)
We hope that we will have a chance to see you again at the winery.

Thanks again.

Kind regards

Dear Mr,
I recently visited your blog gfwine and thought that you may be interested in Rhone Wines. On our website ( hermite.fr) you will find more informations about our activities as well the producers with whom we collaborate.

Best Regards


I work with image and marketing of our wine storage/cooler company – and of course we are all very much into wine and winery.

Our company is an ecommerce business from Scandinavia, and we just started our UK business a few months ago. We are based in Sweden, where we started for about ten years ago.

Since Grainger’s Wine Blog is not just a great site but also a very inspiring place for every wine lover – we have found it interesting for a while. Therefore, I wanted to write to you and ask if you might want to work with us in some way?

For example, how do you work with articles and reviews? Maybe an informative or inspiring post in one of your blogs about storing your wine would be of interest for your readers?

Hope to hear from you soon.

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