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Wine Blog – New Year

Here's wishing all you wine bloggers out there a joyous and successful New Year. Please make this year the year you interact with the blog and please do tell me your thoughts and let me know what you would like me to blog about. So come make it the year of the gfwineblog. Cheers.

Wine Blog – The New Year

GFWINE blog 30 12 12

All during next year with some odd occasions I will be reviewing all the wine on our wine list at gfwine. If during this period you would like to see other wines added to our list please leave a comment on the blog or email cheers

Wine Blog – Christmas wine

Had a great christmas eve this year at our usual place Caesar's Arms near Cardiff. Its has a very good reputation and it has a unique layout in that you order your food not at the table but at a counter that displays all the raw ingredients. Its well known for its seafood. You buy by this by the weight. There were nine of us for dinner and after everyone has chosen their starter and main course we all go and sit down at the table.

The wines chosen were both french.Only the best. A white Burgundy from Macon Lugny a village appellation so not top quality but all the same a good fresh and soft chardonnay varietal wine. Great for those who had the fish main course. The red was a Beaujolais cru wine from the Morgon appellation a ripe dense wine made from the gamay grape varietal. superb for those who had steak and lamb. Cheers.

Wine blog – Quotation 5

There are only two times I drink wine; when I am alone and when I am with someone else.


Wine blog – quotation 4

Good wine is a necessity of life for me.

A quotation by Thomas Jefferson.


Wine Blog – quotation 3

Good Cognac is like a woman. Do  not assault it. Coddle and warm it in your hands before you sip it.

A quotation by Winston Churchill.


Wine Blog – quotation 2

………..good company, good wine, good welcome, can make good people.

From William Shakepeare Henry VIII


Wine Blog – A quotation

A quotation from Louis Pasteur

Wine…..the healthiest and most health-givng of drinks.

Yese its true wine has loads of healthy properties as regular visitors to my blog will know. Why not search to find out more.


Wine Blog – Christmas is coming

We are just about there and Grainger Fine Wines has now closed for a well earned christmas break. But do not despair because we will be back in the new year with a vengeance with some stunning wines and really great deals so we will see you in January. Happy Christmas. Cheers.

Wine Blog – Biodynamics

Do you believe in biodynamics and does this affect the taste of wine? For some years some supermarkets only arrange tastings on days when wines are deemed to taste best using a biodynamic calendar. Its all down to the moon and its effect of gravity during its cycles as it passes earth which controls more than just the planet's tides. It influences all living organisms  including humans and the way plants grow according to the position of the moon in relationship to the earth. Prince Charles is a believer and more and more people are now using biodynamic methods in their lives particularly in agriculture and viticulture. One of our own winemakers Richard Desouches is a firm advocate and he uses biodynamic practices in his vineyard. In a recent article in the Mail on Sunday  biodynamic practice is becoming more widespread in the production of food. Richard's wines are available on our website. Look up Chateau de Chaintres in the winemaker section and see the wines available.  Cheers.

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