Wine Blog – 2012 vintage 3

Chateau de Chaintres reports a 50% reduced yield from the normal level of 45hl/ha on its Saumur Champigny cabernet franc for the domaine, chateau and des oratorien cuveés. The reasons are as I set out on the two previous blog pages. The vendange started on 15 Ocotober and finished on the 20th October. It was all handpicked. Potential alcohol was 12.5% which is about the normal level here and not bad considring the conditions over the summer. As I reported the wine exhibits a less concentrated flavour of fruits. I tasted the domaine and chateau cuveés out in the open from the stainless steel vats. The domaine is fruity with minimal tannins and the chateau with slightly more tannins from the longer maceration period: from 15 days for the domaine to 25 days for the chateau. The wine has already gone through malo-lactic fermentation so exhibiting the smoother taste. It will stay in the vats outside over the winter to allow the 'gravel' or tartrate to settle out in the cold conditions. This is a natural process and one which Richard the winemaker is keen to use as a natural organic winemaker. We sell the three cuveés here in the UK. Go to our website  to buy this quality wine. Cheers.

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