Wine Blog – 2012 vintage 2

Our winemaker and his wife Pierre and Brigitte van den Boom from Domaine de L'Enchantoir

I talked yesterday on the blog about the conditions in the Loire valley, France during the season from the winter months in the new year to the harvest in October that dictated how the 2012 vintage would develop from berry to bottle. The berries when picked whether white or red were lacking in concentration due to the amount of rain, cold temperatures and lack of sun. You would have thought that with the reduced amount of berries per vine that the photosythesis from the leaf foliage would have increased the sugars developing in the berries but because of the lack of sun and warmth this just did not occur and we were left with less concentration than 2011 where the yield was greater but more importantly we had more sun and more sugars and concentration in the berries. This year will be a mediocre year for the Loire valley. Yes there will be some good quality with low concentration, but like last year you will need to find that quality, and it will only be found where the winemaker has taken great care with the selection of only the good berries by carefully cutting out the rot and immature berries. So in conclusion like last year you need to know your winemaker. Do not bother buying wine from your impersonal supermarket. Another example of why you need to know. Try our winemakers at We know them.  Cheers

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