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Wine Blog – The route of St James

The old medieval town of Puy Notre Dame in Maine et Loire France goes back a long way and its claim to fame is that the collegiale church houses the belt of Notre Dame Our Lady and it was patronised by the nobles of France including Louis XIV 'Le Roi Soleil' The Sun King who sent his wife Marie Therese of Spain to the church to wear the belt so she could become pregnant with a son and heir to the throne of France. She succeeded and produced Louis XV. The town is on the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela.  All around the hillock that the town sits on are the vineyards of the Saumur appellation which were planted by the monastic orders and church authorities. These remain very much from those times and they produce some well structured white wines from the Chenin grape and red wines that develop very well with age. The Cabernet Franc grape needs the time to take out the greeness and produce some real complex flavours. The new appellation of Saumur Puy Notre Dame has the mineral notes of the terroir on which the vines are grown. The tuffeau is close to the surface so the vines have no other way to survive than to grow deep into the rock to seek out the moisture and nutrients that make this new wine so unique. We sell two of the wines from this appellation. Go to our website Cheers.

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