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Wine Blog – The restaurant show results

Now the dust has settled and I've at last managed to contact all those who stopped by to talk and taste our wines, I am able to assess the results. We had a very good response to our French wines and those of our new wines from India and we have some great leads so lets hope we will be able to sell our wines. Many of the enquiries were from family run pubs and restaurants fed up with their existing suppliers not giving them a good service. We tried to enphasise our philosophy as a small business ourselves which prides itself in providing a top class service which is proactive and prompt. Lets see what happens going forward. Cheers.

Wine Blog – Indian Wines

Here are my tasting notes on the Indian wines we will shortly be adding to our range both on the website  and to our wholesale portfolio. Cheers.

Chenin Blanc: Light bodied and fresh exhibiting aromas of citrus, cantaloupe, tropical fruit and floral notes that are in perfect harmony with hints of honey. The flavours follow through the nose, with a vibrant character and a clean finish

Sauvignon Blanc: A classic sauvignon blanc, this wine has tangy acidity and is redolent of typical varietal aromas of gooseberry, citrus, freshly cut grass, sweet herbs and white pepper. A medium bodied wine, it exhibits a perfect balance of crisp acidity and a lively finish.

Merlot: This wine exhibits intense fresh aromas of dark chocolate and cigar mixed with woody hints of vanilla and toast. Barrel aging has enhanced these flavors to produce a complex and elegant wine. Ripe full bodied, the tannins have a plush texture and upbeat acidity.

Cabernet sauvignon 2009: Flavours of spices and blackberry are balanced with typical oak aromas in this brilliant rich bodied wine. The full mouth, yet soft palate achieved by barrel aging is in perfect harmony with the nose.



Wine Blog – Wine Boxes


I read in the newspaper yesterday that the wine box was back in vogue. It was not so long ago that the wine box or Bag in Box as I call them harboured some pretty ropey wine inside usually any old stuff that was not good enough for a bottle. We have known for some time that actually it is quite normal to have the same wine for sale in wine box or bottle and our winemakers in France routinely put some of their wine in bottle and in bag in box from the same vat. In France don't forget they sell a great deal of wine  by glass in restaurants and by carafe or pichet and this is usually dispensed from a bag in box. Why not because it is so much cheaper than the equivament in bottle because of the extra cost of bottles over the bag and box and so much easer to fill and dispense. And it more environmentally friendly. A winner all round. Cheers.

Wine Blog – Tubes

We have started a new trend. Wine in tubes. You'll be able to buy our tubes soon on the updated website  They are becoming popular as a selection of tubes with the cheese course. If you would like to find out more please contact simon at Cheers.

Wine Blog – Our new website for Manoir de Gourin

Whilst I enjoy the high life (no not really) Karin has been busy with our new website for our holiday accommodation. When its ready I'll tell you all to have a look. Manoir de Gourin is in the Loire valley France. Its a lovely spot for relaxing, seeing the sights, walking and cycling, and wine touring. Watch out for a great experience and book early. Last yeat we were fully booked for most of the summer. We have a lovely heated pool and sheltered terrace, a wine room to join in the tastings and talks with fellow guests that overlooks the pool and a terrace for relaxing and friendly evening soirees. In the meantime have a look at our wine tours website. .Cheers.

Wine Blog – Tasting

A good subject matter. The best. Its all in the taste and tasting and drinking wine is what its all about. To enjoy. Relax. Listen to some music. Chill out with friends and loved ones. The joy of drinking a glass of wine is second to none. Savour it and take your time. There is nothing better in my experience except perhaps ……… Cheers.

Wine Blog – More additions

In addition to our extended wine list we are also adding spirits and beers so watch this space. We now sell Calvados and Brandy.

The Brandy is from Cognac country and is from an estate run by the Méry family who have produced their cognac since 1946. This is a premier cru Cognac from Grande Champagne the finest of the crus.

The calvados is from Domaine de la Duretiére in the calvaldos area of Melleray La Vallee. The Royer family have ben making Calvados since 1975 on their 26 hectares of orchards. They also make a Pommeau de Normandie a mixture of apple juice and calvados and Douceur de Poire a mixing of pear juice and Domfrontais Calvados. Wait for it! Cheers.

Wine Blog – new range


Great news our new wine list has been published. It now covers most of France and Spanish wines from Mentrida. Next step is to update our websites with the new list of wines. Please email simon at for a list of our portfolio. We are also updating our retail website so hang fire to see what we have to offer. We have also forged a very interesting link with an Indian wine company which we reckon is one of the best. Watch this space. Cheers.

Wine Blog – Cost of Alcohol

The UK government is considering legislation banning the practice of discounting for bigger quantities of wine. Currently supermarkets and others give a discount if you buy say six bottles of wine which the government says encourages people to buy larger quantities and therefore encourages them to drink more. Really this is another government booboo that does nothing for the public or for business. It is a complete and absolute stupid idea. Lets get back to the traditional way of business. Any commodity sold to the public should be sold on the basis of value for money ie price against quality not price or lowest price. The supermarkets with support from government have dictated the way in which food and drink are sold to the public. It is all about price not quality and we are getting the raw deal in the UK because, in my area of expertise, they sell crap wine at crap prices and you really get crap wine. Its all about quantity and low quality at the bottom end of the price structure.  A quick trawl alomg the supermarket shelves reveals manufactered wine. What is in that wine? Are there chemicals? What is in that wine? And we buy it! Please stop buying wine from a supermarket and look to your local wine merchant. Saying that what do wine shops offer? I recently went into a wine shop in St Johns Wood in London a fairly well off area and found all the Loire valley wine from France from a co-operative. Is this a good wine? Oh dear. I don't know. What is the answer? Cheers.

Wine blog – Indian Wine

You will be happy to hear that we are now  selling Indian wine. During the restaurant show we invited our Indian partners to present their wines, and they were a runaway success with those that tasted the wines.

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