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Wine Blog – Wine room

A new pic of the wine room as it evolves. We have been busy with tastings so its already being well used. Why not pop along to see us at Manoir de Gourin and taste some of the wines from our local winemakers. Today we started the new storage facility for our wines which will be housed in the old concrete vat. Cheers.

Wine Blog – Farming

Probably the most important aspect of making a decent bottle of wine is the farming practise of your vines. Today I ventured to Montreuil Bellay college of Viticulture to see the latest machines developed to tackle the age old problem of growth below the vines. In between the rows you can mow, plough, scarify and do all sorts and mix it all up and thats quite easy and straight forward as the tools are readily available. Between th vines is quite something different. If left alone the ground will allow growth of weeds and grasses that will eventually engulf the vines and the berries which will of course affect maturity and allow development of damp conditions leading to rot. Traditionally vinegrowers have sprayed the ground below the vines with weedkiller. Not a good environmental practise. Now companies are developing machines that either plough between and below the vines or now mow the grass with machines that are mounted on sprung arms and when the vine is encountered it moves around it. The traditional method is to use a metal arm that triggers the plough to move out of the way of the vine trunk. There was a demonstration of a number of machines that have recently been developed. Cheers.

Wine Blog – Beaujolais

We have been sent some cru Beaujolais 2010 recently so worth trying with some fellow wine buffs. I'm not a beaujolais expert and apart from the grape Gamay I am at a loss. Anyway we tried Fleurie, Chiroubles, and Brouilly. My choice was the Chiroubles. Cheers.

Wine Blog – A tasting evening

Tonight our bordeaux AOC wine was up for a tasting by some quality tasters so it was great to find out that our own tasting was not far off the mark as the general consensus was a resounding yes. Our vigneron Monsieur Nadau sold 48 bottles of 2009 vintage Chateau Perron de Gourdine. We were alos blessed wih a showing of the 100ml tubes of Monbazallic AOC a delicious sweet from the Bergerac region. These are great Xmas pressies or for a special ocassion. Why not try some. Cheers.

Wine Blog – Tasting

A tasting of the wines of Domaine de L'Enchantoir by our guests was well received and they enjoyed the experience of learning about the natural way of making wines. In particular the Saumur Rouge, Saumur Puy Notre Dame, and the Saumur blanc. Pierre van den Boom made some good sales of his wines. We discussed sulphite levels, spraying and the chemicals used for example in Australian vineyards, filtering or the lack of it, allowing time for ageing and when to drink ie how long to leave before drinking. All good points. Most of all consider the ethics of buying wine from small winemakers. Please don't buy manufactured wines. Profits go to the big shareholders and funds that have no relationship to normal people.  Buy local and get to know your winemaker. Cheers.

Wine Blog – Tasting at Manoir de Gourin

Yep our tasting of the claret and other wines will be on Tuesday 28 August and Wednesday 29 August in the wine room at Manoir de Gourin. I will also be presenting some other wines for tasting  from Beaujolais and a Montlouis Chenin Sec 2005. Please let me know asap if you would like to join us as numbers are tight. Cheers.

Wine Blog – Wine tasting next week

We have some good responses to our invitation to the tasting of claret next week. I will collate responses and see when best to get together with everyone. Hoping to get a big crowd so I can justify the decision to buy 600 bottles. Lets see what transpires. I think we will probably do some other wines as well. Le me know if you can make it. Cheers.

Wine Blog – Tasting

I have discovered a great claret and have decided to interest all my friends and foes with a tasting next week so that if all are willing to buy I can order a pallet of 600 bottles and share them amongst everyone. So if you are in the area of St Macaire du Bois in the Loire Valley, France why not let me know and I will give you details. Its an opportunity not to be missed.  Cheers.

Wine Blog – An evening in Saumur

A lovely evening enjoyed at Le Pot au Lapin an authentic french restaurant in Saumur, Loire valley, France. We enjoyed pork with a bottle of Saumur Champigny. You should try the reds from this appellation. Cheers.

Wine Blog – in the vines

Another great day talking about wines of the Loire valley, France and taking our guests around the vineyards with our winemakers. Such a joy to do and enjoyed by all. You should take a trip around the vineyards of the Loire valley. Cheers.

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