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We had a day out today and tried a new restaurant in Saumur. Le Pot de Lapin run by Oliver who is very helpful and friendly. Enjoyed the meal and a good pot of Saumur Champigny if a litle fresh. It needed another year in the vat to develop the tannins.

Thereafter it was over to Chateau de Chaintres for a meeting with Richard Desouche the estate director and winemaker to discuss the forthcoming London International Wine Fair which we are attending with Richard to promote the chateau wines with the trade. More about this in another blog and about the 2011 vintage. Apparently the Cabernet de Saumur of 2011 is out of this world. We took a bottle to taste and will let you know the result.

Anyway I asked Richard about the forthcoming vintage and he mentioned that it was going to be a cold and dry summer. How do you know that I asked? Well he said if on the Sunday before Easter called Rameaux the wind is from the north east the summer will be cold and dry. Have you noticed the Magpies? No I said. Well they have started to build  their nests high in the trees. OK. Well that means its going to be dry as they do not need so much protection from the tree canopy. Well there you are lets see what transpires. Cheers.


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