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Wine Blog – Black Market in wine trade

Any legitimate wine business will be relieved to hear about the government crackdown on illegal alcohol smuggling. According to a recent article the loss in revenue to the treasury is estimated at £1.2bn. The other side of the coin is the effect it has on legitimate businesses like ours. We have noticed on one occasion the sort of pricing that a customer was talking about which was so low we would have been bringing wine in at a loss to compete. Its about time something was done to combat this trade to give proper businesses a chance to operate in the normal market place.

There is talk about a special tax paid mark which may help to stop the trade but in our view it seems all to easy to enter the country without any checks. How does a lorry full of alcohol get through customs? Apparently the estimates are that the equivalent of 28,000 lorries enter Britian every year bringing in illegal alcohol. We need more border checks and the fines and the extra revenue from the alcohol duty should certainly cover any increase in costs.