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Moi and her indoors tasting bubbly at Ackerman in Saumur

The pot of gold lies either side of Manoir de Gourin our french base for wine tours and holiday apartments

Its the same old problem of competition and dumming down prices and the buying power of supermarkets and the big importers where the independant has difficulty in competing. I know we need to find our own markets but it can be difficult where a customer is looking to buy in a range of wines from house wines upwards.  This difficulty is extended by the fact that one such market we are looking at is the bar trade. Here we have a classic example of bars selling the cheapest wine they can get hold of as they need to compete with other bars as drinkers these days are only interested in how many they can put away not what it tastes like. Thats OK but we need to compete if we are to get a look in with this market.

We’ve  been looking at a number of sources for these wines . One is the Languedoc where there are a great choice of Vin de Pays d’Oc. The reds use the big varieties like the old favourite of the past Carignan, a prolific producer of grapes that can reach 200 lires per hectolitre. Now its not grown so much and the Grenache is another favourite of the area. Our Cotes de Thongue is a mix of Grenache, Carignan and some Syrah to add a bit of spice and body. Not too much as a house wine needs to be an easy drinker for all tastes. On the white side we have a vermentino grape. It is increasingly being used in the Languedoc- Roussillon for white wine production where it has been permitted as an appellation variety.  Its a grape used almost exclusively in Corsica and also in Sardinia and of course in Italy. Our Cote de Thongue Vin de Pays d’Oc has a little Muscat Petit Grain to round off the wine which is useful for a house wine so it has a popularity across the board.

This is one of our new wines as we expand into other regions of France. We will be looking forward to adding it onto our portfolio. Cheers.

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