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Our local government

The natural environment of our vineyards

Our wines are made in the natural environment

Our plans for our new shop premises progress slowly.  We have  agreed a price with the current owners and now we have to go through al the searches and valuations and the like. We are hoping to be up and running around Christmas time all being well.

One of the many issues that worry us is the parking here in our seaside village od Sandgate. It is a lovely place quirky and full of history, but its impossible to park anywhere. The High Street has become a ghost town with 25% of shops closing down due, inpart to the fsct that visitors are unable to park to use the shops and amenities.  There are currently no  restrictions on parking so in general local people park all the time and there is very little vacancy for visitors. Its a natural thing. Residents park at night and go to work in the day and business people park in the day so never is there a time when it is vacant. Added to that we have a large employer in Sandgate whose staff also use the surrounding roads to park. I am told because its easier than their own car park and there own car park is overflowing.  I don’t know and I don’t think anybody knows so the first thing you would expect to happen would be to find out the problems. OH no Not shepway council. Instead they intend to slap on parking charges to poor old jo public  without a by your leave. Its another example of public bodies finding the easiest way of taxing us. All it is is another local tax. Its time it stopped. Should we open a shop in the town. Probably not.  Certainly not if our local council decides to slap on  parking charges. What will that do for local business. They have already had a payoff from Sainsbury supermarket to allow them to open a supermarket here. Its a job loser. It does nothing for the local community.

So we are stymied on tw

o fronts. Free parking for Sainsbury and parking charges for us. Cheap boose from Sainsbury and a proper price from us.

Please support your local shops. We’ll have the best wines in the area. We’ll give you a shout when we open. Cheers.

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