Today’s blog is all about the Saumur Appellation.

The chalky tufa soils to the south of the town of Saumur are home to the Cabernet Franc grape, the father of Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc. Quite a pedigree. The cabernet franc is used to produce fresh, light fruity wines that the french love to drink as an aperitif wine but most importantly as a wine that can be drunk with all manner of dishes. If you go to a dinner with a french host you will no doubt be offered red wine only with your food. You might start with a sparkling Saumur or Cremant de Loire but the French just love the joy of wine that allows you to drink it on its own but also that it is of a sufficient body and structure to be able to match all sorts of dishes. The real cleverness is that the winemakers here now make wines of differing structure and body. So you may get a light fruity wine, or a medium bodied wine with a little bit more structure made using more contact with the skins and with a longer maceration period, or indeed, a full bodied wine made from old vines ‘vieille vigne’ on heavy soil and aged in old oak barrels to maintain the style of the appellation. Thesebdifferent wines are able to match all sorts of food types and so that is why red manages to fit all when it comes to pairing with food.

Saumur covers reds, whites, pinks and sweets. The reds are made under the Saumur, Saumur-Champigny, Saumur Puy Notre Dame appellations, the whites under the Saumur blanc appellation, the pink under the Cabernet de Saumur appellation (an off dry pink), and the sweet under the Coteaux de Saumur appellation. Then you have the sparkling wines of pink and white under Saumur Brut appellation. Its a great area for all styles of wine.

Why not check it out on our website and discover the great appellation of Saumur. Cheers.

Guests at one of our dinners enjoying the red of Saumur

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