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James with Maggie Law

James enjoying the sun on the terrace

Forgot to mention that we took James Ellison with us for the filming. James is an avid film buff. If you need to know anything about films James has the answer every time. He wanted to see our new film this year ‘When we are married’ actually in the making and to see Maggie Law  in action as the director. She’s very good at getting the best out of us amateur actors with her encouragement and direction. James was much impressed with the filming. It was the last day and we were doing the scene between Henry Ormonroyd the photographer from the Yorkshire Argus and the maid  Ruby played by Electra. The scene was in the front room of Maggie and Peter’s house in France.

Afterwards James enjoyed lunch with us all and had a long chat with Electra. He talked all about his film knowledge and his work writing scripts for film and TV which he is looking to sell to the industry.

Our wine choice was the new appellation of Saumur Puy Notre Dame which has been created to specifically develop the wines of the tuffeau bedrock which dominates the terroir here around the small village of Puy Notre Dame. This wine has big fruits of cassis and blueberry with a complex struture that has been developed by Pierre Van Den Boom in a traditional way using old concrete vats and plenty of time to develop the wine. We are drinking the 2009 vintage.

James on the terrace with Peter and Maggie Law

 The 2010 still lies in the vats developing and enhancing the structure. The 2009 is nearly sold out so hurry up and buy some at This is only the third vintage of the new appellation so quite unique. It’s on offer on the website now. Cheers.

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