Articles from: August 27, 2011

The Film

A scene with Peter Law as one of the happy couples

Peter Law showing off his undies!

The pub scene at Mishi and David's barn

Karin in one of her many parts. This time a reporter.

Its my last bit of filming on the J B Preistley play ‘When we are married’ tomorrow. I told you we do a film or play every year with our neighbours Peter and Maggie Law (Jude’s mum and dad). That’s if we get a part. So far so good, but after my abysmal failure at my lines I may not be so sure about next year. Maggie directs and organises the whole thing and Peter takes his part but also does lots of organisation behind the scenes.  They are a great team and its so much fun with all those taking part. Maggie and Peter are the best people you could meet. Gems. Its so relaxed and an absolute hoot with everyone. There’s been a couple of  personalityclashes and other events that will remain forever not told, but I just love the whole business. You may remember my blog on the tea party and sparkling wine. I did an  absolutely terrible day when I was useless at my lines. So embarrassing.  Anyway Mishi and David (Mishi does the costumes and arty bits) had a scene at their house in a big barn doing the pub scene. What a fab time. They are such generous people. We were all in costume and doing the normal things you do in pubs like playing dominos etc and of course drinking real yes real ale. Not the cold coffee you normally get. Then afterwards we socialised and ate and drank wine. I took some of the lovely Saumur rouge from Domaine de L’Enchantoir.

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