The Wine Room Part 1

The wineroom in progress

I thought that I would start the saga of the wine room here at Manoir de Gourin. As you know we provide wine tours for guests and our wine courses here at the manoir are conducted on the rear terrace which was the old Chai where the barrels of wine were filled with the pink juice of Rose d’Anjou and fermented into the staple wine of the area. Not anymore but I do have a bottle of the wine for prosperity. We have now created a large terrace overlooking the rear formal gardens where we have our dinners as well as the wine courses and tour introductions. The wineroom where the grapes were crushed in a  large vertical press is next door (obviously) and all that is left of the old process is a concrete vat in one corner. These took over from the oak barrel fermentation and once the fermentation was completed the wine was put into oak barrels for ageing.

The old wineroom is now in the process of being converted into our new wine tasting room and a venue for courses and introductions to our wine tours. So during the conversion work I will post regular blogs on the progress of the work in hand.

Our local mason George has been busy cleaning the old tuffeau stone face of the internal walls which he will repoint and turn into what we call in France ‘Pierre apparent’. So we will have an original stone wall exposed with lime mortar joints. So far the stone has been cleaned and the next stage is to smooth off the stone. Meanwhile  I am installing a ceiling underneath the new tiles roof. First I have run the new cables for the ceiling lighting and then installed a multi layered insulation material. Finally a plasterboard ceiling is being installed using a metal suspension system fixed to the rafters.

The room has a first foor of which part is being turned into a studio apartment for renting out. On the lower end the ceiling is too low so I will remove the first floor joists to create a mezzanine gallery once the ceiling is finished so we have a full height room up to the slope of the ceiling.

Anyway so far so good. The picture is of work in progress with the new ceiling.

Of course we will use the room to showcase our local small domaine wines which you also can buy in UK if you go to Try a case of one of our wines. They are natural and contain loads of good healthy ingredients. Don’t buy the rubbish from the well known makes. Its full of sulphites and little of the naturally contained good stuff in wine as its mass produced and shipped, in the case of third world wines, half way round the world. What stupidity. France is just over the channel and the loire has the best of wines. Cheers.

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