Articles from: August 19, 2011

Lunch in Puy

Today is market day in Thouars just south of us here in the Loire valley. It spawls over the central island of the town with the fruit and veg and everything else outside and the meat, fish and cheeses inside the market building at the end. We were after Charantes melons which is a staple fruit in this part of France and normally dirt cheap, but this year they are alot more expensive and the reason was the wet weather in July which affected fruiting of the crop. So instead of the normal 1 euro or less each they are up to 2.5 euros each. Anyway we purchased three in a deal and moved on to the indoor market where  David purchased a rather large madagascan prawn for supper. We’re going to have fresh tomato pasta from our ever increasing harvest of toms from the potager. Karin is an ace when it comes to tomato sauce. Just toms, olive oil, a touch of sugar, salt and pepper and some dried chilli (we can’t get fresh here). Served with fresh basil and parmesan cheese shavings. Absolutely de-lic-ious.

After the market we stopped off at the bistro in Puy Notre Dame and had a very simple lunch of Terrine and dried ham with bread and a bottle of Sauvignon blanc which was slightly perlant (sparkling) making it very fresh and vibrant. A great accompaniment to our lunch.

Our day was to end with a supper of Karin’s tomato pasta. A real treat. Our wine choice was a Saumur blanc from Enchantoir. Its on our website The 2009 is a great balance of fruit and acidity and great with such a dish. Its priced at a very reasonable £9.99 or £59.94 for a case of six. Cheers.