Articles from: August 18, 2011

A fab day in the vineyards II

Our guests Alison and Kevin with winemaker Pierre at Enchantoir

Lunch at Chaintres took us well into the afternoon as is the norm as we enjoy some good conversation not just about wine but almost every other subject under the sun.  It could have gone on longer but that Richard has to organise the blending process with one of the staff as I mentioned yesterday. So off he trundled whilst we finished off and Kevin and Alison decided what they wanted to buy. In the end some Caberner de Saumur and Saumur Champigny was loaded into the car and we set off for Enchantoir for the afternoon tour.

Pierre and Brigitte were busy when we arrived. In the chai and amongst the vines. Pierre has a new trimmer. Its old and ancient and runs on skids so he needs to be very careful when trimming so that he does not cut the grapes.

A tour of the chenin blanc vines revealed that the grape ripening is  well advanced. The majority of the berries have lightened in colour and become transluscent so you can see the pips inside. However there is also quite a percentage of grapes that are still ‘green’ and have not yet reached veraison. Lots of reasons for this but mainly that the unripe bunches are not as exposed to the sun and heat of the day as the riper berries with more exposed position on the vines. Pierre will be picking off the lower leaves on the east side of the vines only to expose the higher bunches to the sun.

There is also some evidence also that the wineroom is now being prepared for the harvest. It will be cleaned out a number of times between now and the harvest so that it is prestine clean. Pierre will also be sorting out his vats so that they are ready to receive the grapes and juice. He has some work to do to empty the smaller vats which currently have some wine destined for his oak barrels to age for the special cuvee of red and white. First he has to take out the 2009 for bottling.

Our guests enjoyed the wines and bought Saumur blanc, Saumur Puy

Notre Dame and sparkling pink and red. A good choice and ones which we have available on the website Why not try some Saumur Puy Notre Dame from Enchantoir. Cheers.