Articles from: August 13, 2011

The man with the bad back

Alistair on the left is the man with the bad back

Poor old Alistair still has his bad back and he’s still got some time in Paris befor he gets home. I hope it gets better quickly.

Here is a missive from Alistair and Jan on their evening at Manoir de Gourin enjoying my BBQed lemon chicken:

‘We’re enjoying the wonderful company of fellow brits and our hosts Simon and Karin. Its a lovely relaxing evening learning about the great wines of the Loire in the Anjou and Saumur areas. These are not well known in the UK and pity on us brits because we are missing some very good wines from this area of France. The whites are either really dry, softly medium  or sweet all made from the same grape called the Chenin Blanc. Actually we think it makes a better wine than Chardonnay or Sauvignon blanc.’

 Chenin blanc produces the most vibrant dry wines with refreshing acidity and lovely honeyed flavours. The 2009 and 2010 vintages are classic years that you should buy and even lay down. Yes whites to lay down. Chenin is the best white wine in my view to lay down. The sweet certainly and obviously, and also the drys. We have some 2007 Savennieres AC which has developed into a deep honey coloured character. The flavours are all floral with a honeydew palette.

Sorry just to finish Alistair and Jan’s words:

‘If you want a holiday to remember come to the Loire valley and Manoir de Gourin and sign up to a wine tour with Simon and a wine tasting dinner cooked by Karin. What a partnership – a wine expert and a great cook. The best pairing if you want to enjoy wine and food in good company.’

Our own chenins are dry wines from Domaine de L’Enchantoir, Domaine de la Saugourde, Domaine de Rocheville ( a sublime oaked Chenin), and sweets from Chateau Brossay and Domaine du Vieux Pressoir. Go to to see our range. Cheers.