Articles from: August 9, 2011

The final afternoon

Lets finish the Philip and Sarah, and Alistair and Jan wine tour. I think we got to lunch at Chaintres on the terrace overlooking the ‘clos’.

Lunch was a very very leisurely affair after our wine tasting efforts. The spread consisted of duck paté, pork rillette (a cooked potted meat dish), sliced ham and pork, taboulée, cheeses and salads with loads of bagette. Richard joined us and as usual was very informative on topics as wide ranging as the economy and French rugby. I did impart my pennyworth about the haves and havenots of this world and the imbalance that is becoming larger which would create friction with the havenots becoming disenchanted with life and a general feeling that they are being left behind whilst the rich become richer and they become poorer. How do you balance the £200,000 a week footballer with the man who cannot get a job? I predicted that it would end in tears. Little did I realise that it would happen so quickly as has been witnessed by the recent riots in UK. We in France look upon these events with utter incredulity.

Anyway we move on. Lunch was a great joy and although we ended up with a large amount of rain around our feet all of us had enjoyed the experience.

And so to the Sparkling wine houses. We concentrated upon the four in Saint Hilaire Saint Florent. From east to west they are as follows:

Bouvay-Ladubay, Veuve Amiot, Langlois-Chateau, Ackerman.

In short, as all our guests learn without me saying anything, the wines are typical of big wine production. They have very little character in themselves and they remind me of champagne made from unripe green grapes and no soul and the price is over inflated.

Whats wrong with a sparkling wine made with mature grapes with loads of fruit and passion. None whatsoever so go to and check out our sparkling wines. They really are something to behold. I’ll tell you about what our wine tour guests thought when they visited Enchantoir today. We in UK are missing out on the best sparkling in the world produced just across the channel in the Loire valley by the best winemakers in the whole wide world. By far. Honestly its lucious and you’ll never want to buy champagne ever again once you’ve tasted this heaven in a glass. Cheers.